Saturday, January 31

25 Things

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1. I hate being cold and I hate being tired. Therefore, waking up in the morning to a shower that won't warm up in the worst.

2. I love my job more than anything in the world. I teach the best group of kids anywhere.

3. I have always wanted to have four kids. The best order would be a boy, twin boy and girl, and a girl. Right now, however, I'll take what I can get.

4. I am completely obsessed with all things Australian and Hawaiian.

5. I hate needles in every shape, form, and size. Something about plunging a length of metal into your skin seems horribly wrong.

6. I am painfully shy among all but a small handful of people. It's something I've always tried to overcome, but haven't been able to. Unfortunately I think it gives some people the wrong impression about me.

7. When I was in Australia participating in the Outdoor Ed camps I was leaning against a wall only to find out later that I was leaning on a Funnel Web Spider nest. They have enough venom in them to kill a child.

8. I can't wait until I can have a dog of my own. I want to have some type of lab- either a yellow or a chocolate lab.

9. Although I love my job, I want nothing more than to be a stay-at-home mom for a few years once I have kids. The idea of teaching other people's kids while mine are being cared for by someone else seems a little crazy.

10. I'm just starting my grad school classes for my Reading and Language degree and I can't believe how much I miss school.

11. Growing up we went to New Hampshire every single year. Usually we camped in Lancaster for a week or so. Without fail we always went to Santa's Village. As a Father's Day gift a few years ago, my brothers and I brought my dad to Santa's Village one last time. We were the only group of all-over-20-year-olds there. But we had fun.

12. My goal is to some day run a marathon. I'll start off small first, but I love running around the pond at school. It's such a great way to clear my head after a crazy day with my kiddies.

13. I love to travel.

14. Growing up we didn't have cable. Johnny makes fun of me all the time because I often don't know kids shows he talks about. I, however, have fond memories of doing things other than watching tv when I was little-- I'm proud that tv didn't rule my life when I was younger.

15. Growing up my parents let me participate in a whole host of activities-- I took flute and organ lessons and I did After School options, Summer Program, girl scouts, dance, baseball, softball, gymnastics, swim team, swim lessons, synchronized swimming, soccer, art class, color-guard, and floor hockey. I never found anything that I was especially great at, but I had fun just the same.

16. I have always worked with kids. I started babysitting sophomore year in high school and have continued ever since. The only time I did something not kid-related was when I worked for Johnny's company the summer before we got married. I answered phones, filed paper work, and HATED IT.

17. Johnny and I were supposed to get married on a Friday night. We eventually decided on a Saturday because Johnny convinced me that, if we had it on the Friday- which happened to be a Sox-Yankees game- then all of the guys would be at the bar and not at the wedding.

18. When I was 4 or 5 I spilled a scalding hot plate of spaghetti on my arm. My arm was burned from my wrist to my elbow. I don't remember the pain or my mom taking care of it. I only remember being sad because I couldn't play catch outside with my dad and brother.

19. The only bone I have ever broken was my right middle finger. I did it before 1st period in 6th grade by somehow banging my hand on the side of my desk. I didn't want to tell anyone, so I spent the day with a broken finger that swelled progressively larger and larger. I finally showed it to my mom when I got home.

20. Throughout school I only went to the nurse 3 times. Once in kindergarten because I got a bloody nose, once in 4th grade because the teacher noticed I had a high fever, and once in 8th grade because I was so cold I was turning purple. For some reason I had some sort of fear associated with the nurse.

21. I have a birth mark on my left wrist. I swear that if you trace the perimeter of the mark it looks like a buffalo. I learned this during some lecture in college. And Johnny didn't realize until recently that I have this birthmark.

22. Johnny and I got engaged the day after I came back from Australia. He almost didn't propose because I made him mad when I was stranded in Pittsburg with Chris and my parents. The day after we had to spend the night (the morning of our flight) I called him and said "Woops, the flight was cancelled again! I won't be home today." He didn't find it funny... but I did and so did my mom and brother.

23. I hate driving in crowded places. Cities, parking lots- anywhere there are a lot of cars. I avoid driving around here- except to work- at all costs. And driving into Boston? Forget about it.

24. I don't know where I want my future house to be, but I know that I want a bay window with a window seat, an island, and a wrap-around porch.

25. When I'm hot my knees turn red and when I'm cold they turn purple.

I actually found it really hard to stop at 25! Maybe I'll have to do the 100 things that I've seen before... :)

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Ashley said...

Love your list!! I didn't have cable growing up either, I think it helped me to be closer to my brother and parents. I also want a window seat and a wrap around porch!!