Thursday, January 22

Feeling a little round...

First, I'd like to point out that I'm not trying to be whiny and say that I hate needles and complain because it's not worth it. I know it totally is. I just HATE needles. Always have. Always will. But I know it's a means to an end, so I'm 110% on board with using them. That being said... I still just really hate them. And the bag of PIO injections look pretty daunting.

So, I'm not sure exactly, but I am pretty confident that I did NOT ovulate on my own. Today we went back and I had a ton of big follicles. On my right I had 3 or 4 between 17.5 and 19.5. On my left I had 5 or 6. And, man, am I feeling it! I feel so incredibly "full" right now it's ridiculous. As in, the pants that fit THIS WEEKEND, they way are too tight. Leaving me with pretty much nothing to wear. Which is fine because I have no problem wearing PJ's all the time... my school does though.

Additionally, it should be noted that my principal is being AWESOME about all this. I have to have an observation and we also have a math rep coming in to team-teach a lesson and plan and stuff. It looks like tranfer day will fall smack in the middle of one of those. She told me to keep her in the loop and that my IVF comes first and she will reschedule the other things if necessary. YES!!! So, things are falling in to place.

Let's just hope that my instinct about not having ovulated is right!

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