Sunday, January 25

Sub Plans

I'm trying to get my lesson plans done for the transfer, but it is very frustrating.  

1st, I don't know if I need plans for Tues and Wed OR Thurs and Fri.  

2nd, my class has a very definite routine that's hard to convey on paper.

3rd, I have a very specific way of teaching certain lessons and I don't really trust anyone else to take them from me.  So, I'm left with a dilemma... do I list the activities and hope the sub does them okay, or do I make up new activities so that I can do the lessons when I get back?

4th, there really aren't that many worksheets I use in the class-- instead I use centers and discussions and stories, but I always worry these things won't take up the right amount of time and the sub will be left sitting there thinking "Now what?"

Overall, I really hate writing sub plans.  They're so stressful!!

1 comment:

Ashley said...

Isn't your para going to be there?? I don't ever write sub plans because Angie is always there when I'm not.

If they lessons are important I would wait until I got back to teach them and give the sub something easier.

Good luck with it all:)