Saturday, January 10

My Year in Review...

So, I've been around these parts for 1 year.  Looking back, it's amazing how much has changed and how much I have learned.  

1 year later we have completed 7 cycles.   3 TI cycles with Clomid, 3 IUI cycles with Clomid, 1 IUI cycle with GonalF.  We managed 1 chemical, 1 miscarriage, and approximately 3.5 months off due to various reasons.   In that time I have driven to RSC approximately 50 times (maybe more because it's hard to remember the number of times I went for just u/s and other reasons), had 70 attempted blood draws (I like to count the times they poke me 4 times in one sitting), and 27 ultrasounds.  It's been a busy year!

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