Tuesday, January 20

Ha! When things happen, they happen fast!

HA!  HAHAHAHA!  Apparently I upped my dose into upper-ville.  I'm not sure what that means... but, with 6 potentially dominant follicles they are not willing to do a regular IUI.  It's done.  So, I was given 3 choices.

1. Cancel the IUI cycle and call next month.
2. "Coast" without meds for a few days hoping some follicles drop off.
3. Schedule an emergency IVF.  

Option 1 isn't their favorite.  I really think they want this to work too, so they want the cycle to NOT be a bust.  Maybe they're just sick of me.  :) 

Option 2 isn't optimal because odds are it won't work and then we will end up cancelling anyways.

Option 3 is the best choice and that's what we're doing!  HOLY COW.  So... tomorrow we have an emergency meeting with Anania to sign consent forms for IVF.  Then I start on my new meds and go from here.  


When things change, they change fast!


Sarah said...

Wow. good luck!

Ashley said...

OH MY GOSH!!! I can't believe that!!! WOW...DOUBLE WOW! You and I are on the exact same cycle day...I can't believe that you are going to be doing an IVF now. How long do you have to wait. I can't wait to read your post tomorrow!!! GOOD LUCK:)