Friday, January 30

I forgot to mention this the day of the retrieval. 

A little before I was due in the OR, I was laying in bed talking with the hubby when the nurse came up to me all awkwardly and quietly.  She says, "I have a really personal question for you."  Of course, I'm immediately thinking "WHAT could it be?"  I'm used to answering all sorts of questions of varying degrees of personal-ness, so what could be so awkward and personal that she has to be all shy around me?  She then shows me my chart where she had recorded my weight from that morning.  She points to it and whispers "Is this right?  Because it's a bit lower than your last recorded weight."  My immediate thought was "Lower, how is that possible?"  I had felt like I had been carrying a bowling ball around with me for the past week.  I was thrilled at the prospect of having lost a few pounds in the midst of all the IUI/IVF craziness of the past year.  

So, a couple of pounds lighter... how nice.

But what makes me laugh the most is how weirded out the nurse was about asking me.  Being a part of really personal stuff is the name of their game, isn't it?  So how can a little weight question be considered so personal?  Or perhaps, they realize how much personal privacy you give up going through IF treatments that they figure weight is one of the few things you have left to keep private?


Sarah said...

Great I look like a beached whale and skinny minnie over here LOST weight!! Sheesh.


Anonymous said...

Isn't it amazing how when trying to conceive, things that would normally seem personal aren't anymore? I remember the days I was shy to spread my legs when going in for my yearly. And now I feel like I'm being looked at down "there" every other day for some sort of monitoring. There are truly things only people who have dealt with infertility could ever understand.

I hope you are feeling well. :-D

PJ said...

I love your In and Out tally! Makes me wonder where I'd be now with all of that, had I'd kept track!

The PIO shots get easier the longer you do them.

I have been reading IF blogs for a year now, and I have never run across anyone who has LOST weight during a cycle. It's usually quite the opposite! I think my center might have taken my weight the first time I went in, back in 2007. But nothing since then, which is OK with me! :)

I hope this is it for you! It's hard to be a teacher and go through infertility.

Morrisa said...

Wow! Good for you! Hopefully you will be gaining weight shortly though (due to a pregnancy!)