Thursday, January 8


So, I've always been one to defend my principal for the past year and a half.  Pretty much everyone else has a problem with her... but I never really had a reason.  But today she did something beyond my comprehension... ha.  It's a little ridiculous, but it made me mad.

So, this AM I was in my room getting stuff ready when Madam Principal walks in.  She was holding something in her hand and I didn't pay much attention.  She then asks "Do you get Scholastic News?"  I responded that I get the younger version, Let's Find Out, but, yes, I do get it.  (I had the parents pay for some and I paid for the rest of it.)  She said that she had gotten things in the mail about the inauguration and she was trying to make a bulletin board about the inauguration/president and she wanted to know if I had anything to help contribute to it.  I mentioned that a few issues ago I had gotten a thing about Obama and that I'd look for it for her.  If she wanted it she could have it.  She said thanks and then walked away.

A few minutes later, I walked to the office to deliver the poster I had and took at look at what the principal had put together.  At that point she just had a poster of all the presidents.   I then checked my mail.  In my box was my newest issue of Let's Find Out... but it was unwrapped.  Usually the package comes shrink wrapped because it is packaged for my class specifically and is addressed to me.  I thought it was weird, but didn't think anything of it.  Then later, I'm in my room with Darcy (my aide) and I started looking through the package I had gotten to look at the posters and issues to see if there was anything else I could contribute to the bulletin board.  As I was looking, I noticed that my posters weren't there.  Now, there are typically 2 double-sided posters (so 4 in all)... 3 are "Big Page" copies of the 3 monthly issues and the other is a "Theme Poster".   So I looked at the packing list and it said that my theme poster was one of all the presidents.  So, I immediately went back to the hallway and looked at the posters in the hall and in the corner it says "Let's Find Out".  

She STOLE MY POSTER!  Not only that, but she opened my package without asking AND then played dumb and came and asked me "Do you get Scholastic News?"  YES I get it and you knew that because YOU OPENED MY PACKAGE!!!

I know it's ridiculous but I was just dumbfounded that she did that.  I would have given it to her if she asked!!   So, I didn't say anything because I don't want to cause any problems.  But Darcy wants me to email the whole school and play dumb and say something like "I just got my magazines and I can't seem to find my president poster.  Has anyone seen it?"  But, my 3 other posters are missing as well (well, 1 really because 1 of them is on the back of the president poster) and one of them is about George Washington and how things have changed since he was president.  If that shows up on the wall around President's Day I will flip out.  

So, what should I do?


Anonymous said...

Send the Email!!! Make her squirm!

Sarah said...

I would totally call her on it.