Monday, February 2

Halloween and other musings

Tonight's injection was a scene from Scream. (That's a bloody movie, right?)

When he was finished injecting, Johnny said, "Oh no. Don't move! There's blood." So, of course I moved to look and it was like a mini waterfall down my back. Blood every where. It was crazy. So, of course, I called my mom to make sure I wouldn't die. She said I would be okay. :)

I'm getting a little anxious. Trying to remain calm, optimistic, but not too overly eager. I've had a little cramping on my right side. Not that that means anything... it was present for most of the failed cycles (one or two were preceded by no symptoms whatsoever) and it was present in our cycle back in October. So... yeah... I'll just file it under annoying. It comes and goes very quickly and very rarely.

It has been a crazy busy time... we went to the wake of my friend's dad yesterday. My grad classes are in full swing- with my first paper due this AM. I have a math coach coming in tomorrow to teach a lesson. I have a SPED meeting tomorrow. I have an observation coming up this week. Next week is crazy busy with the 100th day, Valentines, a PJ party (maybe?) and a historical perspectives show we have coming to school. Then, thankfully, it's vacation. THe past few weeks have gone VERY quickly and I don't feel like I especially need vacation, but it will be nice just the same. I'll try to get ahead in my grad classes so I can devote less time to them over the coming weeks and months


Anonymous said...

It's great that you are busy. . . Less time to think about things, as I know how awful the 2 week wait is!

Sending you a ton of happy thoughts. :-D

Ashley said...

Keeping you in my prayers honey!! Why are yall off the 3rd week of February?? Just curious because we aren't:)