Monday, January 19


So today is CD11.  Last night and tonight we did (are going to) inject with 112.5IU.  Then I go in tomorrow to check my progress.  I'm very anxious to see how this worked out.  All in all we did about 150IU more than they wanted me to.  (4 days at 112.5IU instead of 75IU)  Just call me a risk taker.

Today I had the day off because of the holiday and I took the chance to get ahead on all sorts of school stuff.  I was supposed to be waiting for the plumber because our baseboard in the bathroom is leaking, but our plumber is actually the plow-guy for the apartment complex as well... so he was busy.  I guess he's coming tomorrow.  Tomorrow Johnny has to go have a cyst removed on his neck.  Poor guy.  Too bad I'm an awful wife and I'm not going with him... instead I have blood and ultrasound at 6:45am, school, and then a dentist appointment at 5pm.  Ugh.  It's going to be an annoyingly long day.  

As is always the case with my IUI cycles, I am panicking a little about the timing of it all.  If I go in tomorrow and everything looks A-okay then the IUI will be Thursday AM which isn't a big deal.  If, however, I go in tomorrow and it's not quite ready but they have me come in again Wednesday and then trigger me Wednesday the IUI will be Friday.  Friday is a bit of sucky timing for 2 reasons.  1. Darcy is going to be out-- she and her hubby are going to Vegas for a long weekend.  And 2. My little brother is coming in to help in the classroom.   Usually when I have to leave for appointments Darcy just covers for me for a few hours.  She's really the only person I trust with the class.  However, with her not being there, I don't know who would cover.  I might end up having to call in.  I'll have to talk to my principal when I know better.   

Any other day, however would be splendid.  Either way, as always, I'll make it work.


Sarah said...

I see by the deleted comment that my last statement offended you. I am sorry, as that was not my intention at all. I wish you the very best of luck!! Seriously, I do.

Ashley said...

Good luck!! My para covers for me when I have appointments too!! I hope that it goes as planned and you have your IUI on Thursday!! I will say a prayer that this one works for you;)

Sarah said...

ignore me. Can I still blame the gonal-f? Sheesh.

Anyway, seriously fingers eyes and toes crossed for you!

Anonymous said...

I found your blog and just wanted to say, good luck to you! I'm dealing with similar issues. So not fun. :-( If you ever want to follow my infertility journey, check me out at:

Good luck to you!