Friday, January 23

Anxiously waiting!

13 hours away from the retrieval and I find myself ridiculously nervous!  

I'm not sure what I'm nervous about... I think it's just that we got thrown into this so fast that I haven't felt like I've been about to let it all absorb.  Plus, I know how quickly things can change in IVF.  Things looked good yesterday (really good by "converted" standards) but who's to say that the eggs are there or that they will fertilize?  I know there is no way to know-- and I even mentioned to the nurse that my only questions are the uncertain ones-- the ones I can't know the answer to. 

But, despite what we've been through and how things have all turned out until now, I can't help but feel very optimistic.  We were given a 50% chance that this would work.   

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Sarah said...

50% is pretty damn good!! Fingers crossed.