Monday, January 5

Back to the grind... of school that is.  

Today was the first day back in what felt like years-- and no time at all, really.  Our last real day was December 18th-- the rest of the days consisted of a half day, a cancelled day and another half day for good measure.  So, really, it has been a long time.  While I enjoyed the freedom of doing nothing at all (and I really did enjoy having the hubby home even though I complained the whole time) and going to bed late and waking up even later... I really, really missed my kids.  They are truly an amazing group of kids... some definitely get on my nerves a lot, but I love them all.  So, it was good to get back-- it seemed like they had grown a lot in just the 2ish weeks.  And they got back in to the swing of things with no difficulty.   So, overall, good to be back.  :)


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Hope you are doing well. Sorry I have been MIA for a while but I wanted you to know I have been thinking about you!