Tuesday, January 27

I'm Embryo-ed

I just had the transfer done.  We transferred 2 embryos.  Stats are...

8 celled, A grade fragmentation, fair symmetry
6 celled, B grade fragmentation, fair symmetry

All together, we started with 8 follicles which resulted in 6 eggs.  Of those 6, 3 fertilized naturally.  Of those 3, only the two continued to divide naturally.  Which leads me to the question... how on Earth do people ever get pregnant naturally?  These just seem like sucky odds.  :o)

Overall, I'm very hopeful.  But I just have to say... the worst part of this whole thing?  Worse than the retrieval and the GonalF and the PIO injections?  The WORST part was having such an incredibly painfully full bladder.  It was torture.  So painful.  I felt ridiculous complaining (and I did a lot) because I know actually having a baby will be a million times worse, but OH. MY. GOD.  

Other than that, things are looking good.  So now we start THE wait.  


Sarah said...

Very excited for you. Fingers crossed for that BFP!

Shinejil said...

If this is any consolation, having a baby is something our bodies are more or less meant to do, while lying around with a bursting bladder is most definitely NOT natural at all. :)

Here's to a swift 2ww and a terrific set of betas!

Ashley said...

YEAH!!! When is your first BETA?? I'm crossing my fingers and my toes for you:)

Anonymous said...

Good luck! I'm hopeful for you too! I think this is it for you. :-D

Morrisa said...

Good luck! I am praying like crazy that one of those little guys stick!1 As for the bladder, I never drink as much water as they tell you to for that very reason.

Anonymous said...

congratulations and good luck in the 2ww, i'm in it myself at the moment.

and as for the full bladder, i completely agree. torture. at my first transfer i came frighteningly close to letting loose all over the poor embryologist. now that would be awkward.