Tuesday, January 20

CD12 and other ramblings.

Ah... here we are... CD12. I'm still at school... I have a dentist appointment tonight at 5pm and it's considerably easier to get there from work then from home during rush hour. So, I'm here til then with nothing really to do. Sure, I could get ahead on work and all that fun stuff, but who wants to be practical?

So, this AM I went in for blood and ultrasound. Again I had a one-stick kind of morning. I also got my favorite u/s tech AND I got in and out 10 minutes early. All in all, a good day, right? So... progress. My lining is something crazy like 11 or 12mm. That's crazy for me. In a good way. On my unproductive, lazy, good-for-nothing left side I had two at 14.5mm, one at 13.5mm, one at 11.5mm, and then a bunch of tiny ones. Sorry left side. I guess you're not lazy and good-for-nothing. :) On my right I had one at 14.5mm and then maybe one or two at 11.5mm. Too many numbers for me to remember. And, yes, the typical tiny ones. So, I'm excited. Johnny was a little freaked out when I called him with the numbers. I haven't gotten my instructions yet which is a little weird. Usually they call around noon or one, so I'm a little nervous. Usually when they wait til after 3 it means they are specifically waiting so they can talk to me. (They know I can never answer before 3pm) So I'm very nervous they're going to tell me that they are cancelling the cycle due to over-production or something. So, I'm avoiding the phone like the plague.

School related-- I don't know if I mentioned this, but my school is slated to be closed. My district has 9 elementary schools and they have been rebuilt one-by-one for a few years. My school is the last on the list to be rebuilt. Since the numbers have been dwindling in this part of town, the numbers at my school have been going down as well. As a result, the school committee has decided that, when it rebuilts the school ahead of ours, they will make it much bigger. As a result, in 2011, all the students at our school will be redistricted. 2/3 will go to the new school and 1/3 will go to another relatively-new school in the district. And our land is going to be chopped up and sold for pond-front property.

As a result, the principal I have has decided to jump ship-- she made the announcement that this is her last year here and she will be moving on to other things. Probably with my posters in tow.

The hubby had his neck sliced open today. I haven't seen it yet, BUT he did tell me that-- get ready for this!-- the doctor said he took out about A POUND of cyst stuff. SO GROSS. Yegh. Hopefully the cysts will stop flaring up for him though!

Well, that's all I got.

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Ashley said...

Good luck!! I hope the phone call goes well!!