Sunday, August 3

Tuesday is the day

So, as usually happens, things have a way of working out. I spent forever worrying about my weekend appointment because of camping, but it all went okay and we made it on time. I have one 18mm follicle on my left. (YES! MY LEFT!!!) I also have 2 smaller follicles... one of the left and one on the right. They're triggering me tonight (or, well, the hubby is technically) and the IUI is scheduled for 9:30am on Tuesday morning. Sooo, although I've been worrying for MONTHS about the possible problems with timing of this cycle, it's all working out. The best part? The IUI is the 5th, so then the 2ww will go until at least the 19th. I don't get back from Virginia until the 16th. I'll be too busy with vacation to worry about the results. Or at least I hope so. :)

Soooo Tuesday then waiting. :) I'm excited and nervous at the same time. As usual...

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