Tuesday, August 5

IUI #1 Completed!

Woohoo. So we did the IUI this AM at 9:30am. Johnny went in at 8:30 and I hung around until 9:30am. He came in the room with me (does anyone else's hubby's always go in the room for blood, u/s, etc.?).

The nurse we got was super-duper excited/talkative/happy. She was great. She explained everything and went over all of the numbers. (The sperm numbers were all really good. She said overall they look for 10million and the sample had something like 92million.) Things looked good. Nothing of concern, so we're hoping things will work. :) We just need one!! :)

As for the IUI itself, it went fine. I'm pretty crampy right now. Not quite as bad as I was for the HSG, but still pretty uncomfortable. It was pretty effortless. She had to bend the catheter a bit, but nothing major. Then I got to hang out for 15 minutes with my butt in the air. While I was hanging out Johnny went through every single drawer and cabinet in that place. He offered to take a syringe for my scrapbook. :) I declined.

So that's that. The pregnancy test is August 18th. Woohoo. I calculated the date wrong when I was calculating it... I forgot to calculate, not from today but from the HCG day. So, less than 2 weeks and we will know. :) Finger crossed.

Oh and I was told not to begin any high-impact exercise over the next few weeks. As I was told, no slam dancing or cage fighting. Good to know. But what am I going to do with all the extra time now? :)

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