Sunday, August 3

4 more days til Virginia!

Camping really wasn't too bad! We had fun... it was really hot Friday night until Saturday afternoon. Then it rained and cooled down a bit for Saturday night. The hubby went fishing on Saturday morning with my brother. He caught a fish. :) Then put it back because I don't like fish and I felt bad for the poor thing.

We told my parents last night because we had to tell them that we had to leave in the early AM. My parents are so worried about offending people and prying and asking inappropriate questions that they didn't ask anything really. They were supportive. And I think they felt a little bad thinking that we were worried to tell them. And you could tell they had a million questions in their heads, but they didn't really ask anything. So, while it felt good, it's a little nerve racking too because I know they have a million questions and they are probably a little worried about us/feel bad that there isn't more they can do. So I'll probably go down and see them early this week to let them know they can ask questions and they don't need to worry about bothering us. I'd rather they ask questions. I have to drop off our dress clothes for the wedding too, so I have an excuse (they're driving to my cousin's wedding and we're flying).

My brother let me know that a friend's sister is pregnant. (My brother is close to my friend's brother and my whole family is very close to their whole family-- every one of them was at my wedding) It hit me hard. The hardest that any pregnancy news has hit me. (And really, around school there has been a lot... we had 3 teachers leave this year to have babies and another one is due in October).

This is the friend who was my Maid of Honor... who I would have called my best friend up until semi-recently. A few months back I had written her an email and called her... both messages said the same thing. I was going through something and needed to talk. No such luck. She never got back to me. Then another good friend (also in my wedding party) and a good friend of my "best friend" just had her birthday. I sent her a message and a card to say Happy Birthday. (Though neither friend had even acknowledged my birthday a few weeks prior.) Then I find pictures on Facebook (don't we love Facebook) of these two friends, plus 2 other mutual-friends, out celebrating Friend #2's birthday. And I wasn't even invited.

So, although I feel a little high-schoolish saying it, I feel left out, forgotten, etc. Sooo, when I heard the pregnancy news about Friend #1's sister, I was hurt that (1) she was pregnant and (2) Friend #1 didn't tell me. So, blah.

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