Thursday, August 7

Vacation Prep

I started typing a big long entry last night at 2am as we were packing for our trip. Apparently I was so tired that I forgot to press publish because I just came on to look for it and instead I had the window already open...

We finally got to bed last night at 3am. We didn't get home until nearly midnight and the hubster hadn't done any of his packing. We needed it all down because we went down early this morn (up at 5am... there at 6:30am) to go drop our luggage off at my parents house so that we don't have to pay the checked baggage fee at the airport. So we drove an hour and a half there, stayed for about a half hour, and then just drove the hour and a half back. Shoot me. Please?

Last night we had dinner/did laundry at my in-laws house. The hubster chose to tell his parents what is going on. It got a good response. At first his mom was a little disbelieving. I guess we've put up a good front about waiting until I'm done with grad school, etc. etc. Good actors apparently. As she put it, she was floored. But then she asked a million questions.

Although we weren't sure, I had suspected that she had gone through fertility treatments herself way back when she was trying to get pregnant with Danny (my brother in law) and I was right. So it was kind of nice to have someone who had been there (although 21 years ago...) to ask questions. (Apparently back in the day they were told to drink cough syrup prior to sex the help with acidity or something... I have no plans to follow that particular suggestion.)

She was genuinely interested/caring/wanted to be helpful. At one point I was talking about the HSG and how painful it had been and how I had gotten sick and her immediate reaction was "I wish I had known so that I could have helped you or at least let you know what to expect." Then after a minute she said, "Well, I probably wouldn't have told you how bad it would be-- I would have told Johnny though so he would have known what to expect." :)

So overall we've made a lot of progress. :) I'm feeling good with our decisions. And I am anxiously awaiting the beta on the 19th.

And now I'm off. :)

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Bee Cee said...

Hoping that you get your wish on the 19th - good luck.