Tuesday, August 5

It's a Love/Hate Thing... (and 101 posts) (and this makes 3 for today)

When I left the IUI today I got a sheet with instructions for the next few weeks. Really, the only instruction was to come back on 8/18 for the beta. Sooo I realized that they didn't mention progesterone support and when I filled my prescription I was given progesterone suppositories. So I called my nurse coordinator to ask about them and whether or not I should take them. This is where the hate part of the love/hate thing comes in.

The nurse coordinator called me back and said that with IUI's they don't prescribe progesterone supports unless there is special circumstances. So she said that I should just hold on to them incase they tell me to take them should (fingers crossed) this cycle work and my progesterone levels come back low. And I was ready to take that answer, but first asked, "So, although I've used the support every other cycle, I shouldn't use them this time?" She then seemed surprised about that. So it was then that she finally decided to check my file. And sure enough, in plain English Anania (my RE) had said that I should be using the support starting with the day after the IUI. So I'm a little annoyed that she was going to give me an answer without even looking carefully at my file. Who knows what it will do- if anything- but I would have been annoyed if I didn't do everything I could/should have because the nurse coordinator didn't take the time to carefully look at my file to answer my question.

Then, somehow the date of my beta came up. She asked what day it was and I said it was Aug 18th. She then asked if I was sure because it should be Aug. 19th. It very, very clearly says on my instruction sheet that I should come in the 18th for the beta. But the nurse coordinator decided to overrule the instructions of the nurse who did my IUI. So I'm going in on Aug. 19th. I know it's only a day, but I'm a little bummed about it. I'll probably still take a HPT on Aug. 18th. :)

So, although I love the nurses, my RE, and the clinic in general, it does things that make me want to scream. But I also know that I build them up as huge problems when they're really no big deal. I've just been an emotional wreck today. My poor hub-ster.

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Morrisa said...

I'm hoping and praying like crazy that this is the one! And I always used pregesterone support for after my IUIs.