Thursday, August 21

Good all around

So, today I'm doing good. :) I made a conscious resolution to be nicer and not so easy to set off and I'm doing well. It might also be that I don't currently have foreign hormones traveling through my body. So I guess the real test will come in a few weeks.

Went to school today to get some more stuff done. My class is looking good. :) Darcy- my aide- came in today and it was great to see her. Tomorrow the other K teacher will be in too. I made an executive decision about my curriculum, sooo we shall see how she takes that-- all last year I let her call the shots because I was new.

Hmm, what else? Still (im)patiently waiting for Day 1 and some progress. Tomorrow I have a regular doctors appointment so I can get paper work filled out for grad school. Usually I'd be nervous because I used to be a wimp with needles, but I think I'm over that fear now. :)

So that's all. After the drs I'm going to school and then I'm heading home for the weekend- or at least part of it- to go shopping with my mom again. This time she's buying me clothes for work. :) I love it.

Have a fantastic weekend everyone!

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