Wednesday, August 6

The Anniversary Fairy Came

Last night was a little rough. I was on edge... from the IUI and from just being an emotional basket case, so I snapped at the hubster quite a few times. He's like a little kid sometimes and he knows JUST how to get under my skin. And usually I can take it and I think it's funny, but sometimes it drives me crazy. And he knows it. So he was doing that all afternoon and I was going crazy. I wasn't really mad... just crazy I guess.

So he went out to run a few errands for our upcoming trip and when he came back to make me feel better he said "The anniversary fairy was here!". I opened the door and sitting right outside of it was a cute little anniversary gift from the hubby. The card was ABSOLUTELY perfect. Reading it, it was really like it was written by him. There were lines about doing things to tease me and drive me crazy and telling gross jokes and being lazy. It was about him to a T. He also gave me a picture frame that said "Meant to be" with a picture of us on the beach when we were in Hawaii and a cute little coffee-table book about love with goofy animal pictures. :)

So he successfully got back on my good side. :)

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Bee Cee said...

That's a lovely anniversary story - good ol' hubster!