Saturday, August 23

Just an update

Just a quick update to say that I'll be going in for my u/s on Monday am just to check for cysts. No blood this time... which is a fantastic surprise for once. :) I guess I made up for in on Friday- I had my drs appt and I had to get a tetnus shot for school and they also drew 5 vials of blood for me. And unlike at RSC, they were 5 FULL vials, not just enough to cover the bottom.

By my calculations this means that the first day of monitoring will be on Sept. 3... and I'm just hoping I'm not surprsingly ready on the first day of monitoring for once because that would mean the IUI would be scheduled for the 5th-- the second day of school. Ideally it would be the 6th or 7th. I'm crossing my fingers because I have been VERY lucky with scheduling all around. :)

Oh and we will be doing another round of clomid. When I talk to them next I'm going to schedule an appt. with the RE to talk about moving to injectables for the next cycle. I really haven't responded too well to the clomid... just 1 slow growing follicle each time. I know I'm lucky to have gotten that, but initially I was led to believe that I'd get more than one. So... I just want to move along. I was all for playing it cautious and slow back when we met with Anania, but now I'm getting impatient. :)

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