Tuesday, August 26

My room!!

I had mentioned awhile ago putting up pictures from my room, so here we are... :)

Here's the bookshelf side of the thing my dad made for me to store all my teacher-y books.

Here's the front view of the magnetic side for lunch choices.

House area.

Pocket chart literacy center. And the sand table... I hardly ever open. :)

Meeting area and Star of the Week board.

Calendar Wall

Writing and Names/Words Centers. You can see the handy-dandy, nifty cubby thing my dad made me last year.

Reading area view 1.

View 2.

And the Star Birthday board I am so proud of. I didn't have a bulletin board, so I invented one. :)

There's a lot more and more centers, but I'm done putting up pictures! I guess I can see why I don't do it. It's kind of a pain. :)

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