Tuesday, August 19

Not all together

When I wrote earlier I almost wrote "I'm not too upset. I think I've developed a zen about this whole thing." But I decided not to because I thought it sounded too corny. But it's good I didn't write it because that whole theory was completely proven wrong when I broke down a little while ago.

All I can say is, this SUCKS. I'm constantly on edge. I feel like I'm always ready to cry about something. And the worst part is that I take everything out on Johnny. I get snippy about everything and start the STUPIDEST arguments. And I fight them with a passion for about 5 minutes. Then it occurs to me that I'm a complete basket case and I calm down and feel stupid about whatever we are arguing about. This totally is NOT me... Bleh again.

No matter how I'm feeling, though, there is always next month. :)

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Morrisa said...

I don't have the magic words, I still remember the pain clearly and I don't think that memory will ever go away. I think that it takes a special kind of woman to go through IF and survive, and I think you are one of those women. ((hugs))