Wednesday, August 20

Sanity regained

So I'm a lot more sane right now. I made a promise to myself not to fly off the handle when I logically know I shouldn't. Unfortunately that might be easier said than done. But I'm trying. :) (I guess it doesn't hurt that Johnny is at his parents right now doing laundry and I stayed back to get some school stuff done...)

I'm just sitting here patiently waiting for Day 1. Usually before the beta... like 4 days before, I would have cramps and feel, as I described it, "weird". This time, nothing before. And still NOTHING after. I've already established that I'm impatient, so I can't wait much longer without feeling like something is happening. Or else I might go crazy. And we really don't need that right now.

I'm so ready to start cycle 5. When I talked to the nurse coordinator yesterday she said that she had new instructions for me. I was a little too upset to ask what that meant... if it means a new set of the same old instructions (clomid) or if means that I'm being moved on to the next step. I can't for the life of me remember how she would phrase it every other time. I'm hoping it's the latter, but logically I know it's probably just another round of clomid. This is going to be my last clomid round I have decided. Mid-cycle I'm scheduling an appointment to talk to my RE about moving on (unless they have already decided which, as I mentioned, would be fabulous).

Bleh bleh bleh.

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