Saturday, May 10


So, I go for the Beta on Wednesday- 4 days ish. 

 Last time I was waiting for the Beta back in February (I can't believe it's been so long...) on the Saturday (again, 4ish days before-- I had the test on the Wednesday that week, too) I started to feel really faint cramps and just generally a little "weird".   At the time I was feeling really optimistic because, while a lot of the symptoms could be considered precursors to getting my period, many of them could be symptoms to early pregnancy too.  So obviously I was hoping that it was the latter.  Unfortunately things didn't work out.

Well, today... and a little bit yesterday... I've started to feel "weird" again.  Crampy twinges and whatnot.  I'm just not sure how to feel about them... because of what happened last time.  Like, I don't know if the symptoms that I felt last time were really symptoms of early pregnancy-- and that it just went "wrong" later on, of if the symptoms were just for starting bleeding. 
 So basically all I feel right now is... AHHHH!   Wednesday cannot come fast enough.

On the plus side, the past week and a half has gone pretty quickly- I've managed to stay verrry busy.  I'm just anxious for Wednesday.  I can get blood drawn starting at 6:30am.  Maybe I'll just show up early to make sure I'm number 1... and thus number 1 to be called back in the PM.  :)  Luckily I have school that day.  In February I was on vacation and the wait was UNBEARABLE!!  I sat in bed watching really bad TV and just W-A-I-T-E-D and it took until almost 5pm for them to call which is VERY unusual.  

On the plus side... many of the other blogs I read are going quite well.  I'm very excited for everyone else that I am reading about!!  I'm so happy that things are looking up!!  I'm keeping my fingers crossed for everyone!

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stacy said...

Fingers are crossed for you... and always my heart and prayers are with you on Wednesday.

I just have a feeling you will have good news this time... and that you might need to buy a new dress for the wedding! :)