Tuesday, May 6

Keeping Busy :)

This week at school happens to be Teacher Appreciation Week!  :)  

On Monday the PTO gave everyone Clorox wipes (sounds silly, but it's a GREAT present for Kindergarten!) and a card.  Today they gave us $50 to spend on books, bookmarks, and a poster.  Tomorrow they're having a catered lunch.  :)  They also sent home a secret note to all the parents to have their children write "Love Letters" to the teachers.  So when I was leaving today I walked down the hall and found all of the love letters plastered on the wall.  Aww it made me so happy!  I love my students so much-- and it's nice to know that they love me just as much!! 

One of the parents in my class came in as well.  She surprised us at the end of the day with a homemade cake!  Yummy and so sweet!!  Her daughter also gave me flowers and a card this morning.  :)

It's been a great week... and it's only Tuesday!!

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