Thursday, May 22

Nothing really to post

Nothing new to post really.  Things have been moving along.  Tomorrow AM I go in at 6:30 for my u/s and blood.  Then off to school.  

Tomorrow is my kindergartner's Memorial Day show.  I am so excited for it.  They're singing/dancing to "Coming to America" by Neil Diamond and they're hilarious and SO good!  I can't wait to see them on stage in their matching clothes!  Ahh, so cute!  The hubby is coming to school tomorrow for the afternoon and the show, too.  My aide's hubby is coming in with her kid's guinea pigs too.  It's going to be a good, if unproductive, day.  :)  Then Monday is the holiday, Tuesday I have SPED meetings, and Friday we're going to the Zoo.  This whole year is going by so quickly.  I'm anxious to start next year... since about the 3rd day of school I've been thinking about everything I want to "fix" for next year.  :)  

Okay, so I think this was sufficiently about nothing at all.  :)  We'll see how tomorrow goes.  I hope everyone had a fabulous holiday weekend!  

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Morrisa said...

Yay! I love unproductive days!