Sunday, May 18

I'm running out of clever titles...

Not that they were ever very clever!

Went to the Drs. this AM for my u/s.  All went well.  I have 20 less than 10 on one side and 16 less than 10 on the other.   I just listened to the message and I can remember which side was which.  I guess it doesn't matter.  I take the clomid for the next 5 days- I'll be done Thursday.  The weird thing, though, is that they have me coming in on Friday the 23rd to start blood and u/s monitoring.  It seems really early to me- the day after I'm done with the pills??

I just checked back and last cycle I finished up on the 18th of April and then waited 5 days and went in on the 23rd of April to start monitoring.  I guess all it means is that I will probably have to go back more often before they give me the green light to take the trigger.  That's okay though, I hate the waiting most of all.  I like having things to do and appointments to be ready for.  :)

We just spent the whole afternoon weeding at my in-laws house.  I'm exhausted and covered in dirt, so I'm off.  :)  

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