Friday, May 23

Yeah, I could have told you that...

Today I went in to begin monitoring.  I finished clomid yesterday yet they told me to come in today.  I even double checked the phone message yesterday to make sure I got it right.  I sure did.  So, I went in this AM for u/s (fine... though she only counted 11 less than 10 on each size, and none greater than 10mm).  Then blood was okay too.  The girl was nervous and pricked me once.  She then did that "move the needle around inside until it really hurts" thing.  She eventually gave up on my left and pulled out the needle.  Then she did the right and it worked.  It took SO long for the blood to come out today though.  I seriously felt like I was sitting there forever.

Today at school went well.  We had a lowkey morning, then my hubby and Darcy's hubby came in.  We had fun with the kids.  We gave them ice cream sundaes and Darcy brought in the guinea pigs.  Then we had our show.  The kindergarten was definitely the best.  :)

Then, going back to the title, I checked my voicemail at the end of the day.  It was "Um, there's not a lot going on.  It's still a little early for anything to be measurable.  I don't know why we had you coming in today."  At which point I thought "Yeah, I could have told you that..."  So I'm going back on Tuesday AM.  

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