Friday, May 16

Cycle 3, Here We Come!

Day 1 today-- go to RSC for u/s on Sunday AM.  

We picked up the next round of meds this PM.  I calculated a rough estimate of the money we've spent thus far and it wasn't pretty.  The $500 for the HSG didn't help at all...  Anyways, with the new meds and moving on, I'm feeling optimistic.  The hubby has big plans for this cycle.  :)   We're both feeling good about it.

This is my last cycle at 100mg of Clomid, so hopefully we have some good results.  If not, we're on to 150mg. We talked about asking to speeding it up-- like moving to 150mg this round because I'm very impatient (:)) but earlier my dr. said she's very willing to be cautious and take it slow because I'm so young.    I guess I just have to have faith that our doc knows what she's doing!  If this one doesn't work then we are going to definitely call for a sit down with her.  I haven't actually talked to my doctor since mid-November.  Everything else is done with nurses on her team.  Is this normal??

 I had done remarkably well with the results from Wednesday, but today my aide finally asked me about it (she had known I had gone in, but had refrained from asking me because she didn't want to upset me) and it bothered me.  Not that she asked me-- I love her to death and I appreciate that she cares.  It just bothered me thinking about it.  

When we started this I really thought that everything we were going through was a "fluke"... that we'd be pregnant in no time.  That other people have "serious" problems and that ours aren't like that at all.  Cycle 1 I could just brush off because it was a chemical- something happened, so it was working right?  Plus, I know that it's very common to have early miscarriages- many people just don't know about it.  But this past cycle, nothing happened.  No results at all.  It was like we didn't do anything this past month.  And I think it made me realize that something really IS wrong.  That it IS a big deal and not something that we can just fix with a couple of drugs and some fun sex.  And so, as I've said before, the uncertainty is what kills you.

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Missy said...

I'm sorry this past cycle didn't work for you. It's always hard to know that the whole month we worried and hoped over something that doesn't exist. I'm keeping my fingers crossed that this cycle will work for you.