Friday, May 30


Okay, so I was wrong! Luckily I didn't bet any money on having already ovulated. Today I went in for blood (surprise, surprise) and my LH had surged to 50.something. Yay! So tonight is the trigger and then we shall see... June 16th is the next BIG day. I'm excited and the 16th is a good day because it's the Pond Walk at school. I will be too busy to be waiting by the phone and checking it every minute. :) So yay.

Unrelated to pregnancy...
We went to the zoo today with the kidlets. They were really good for the most part... had a little bit of a hard time staying with the group, but it was good. My "challenging" child (which is a MASSIVE understatement) was HORRIBLE though. Absolutely AWFUL. In the course of the day she managed to run off, throw dirt, push over several small children, throw her sandwich at a chaperone, shove a small child off of a slide... etc. etc. It was a rough day. And she said NO to me! I know it sounds like a minor thing, but my students NEVER say no. They know it's not okay, unacceptable, etc. etc. She is missing recess on Monday... and perhaps for several days after. Haha... take that! :) And that's my zoo story!

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Morrisa said...

Good luck this cycle, I'll be keeping you in my prayers!