Tuesday, May 27

Just keep swimming

I'm doing well today.  :)    Much more positive and happy than yesterday.  Yay!

I had blood and u/s at 6:30 this AM.  Blood was a one-pricker.  Woohoo those are always the best.  The u/s was fine.  On my left I had one at 10mm and on my right I had one at 18mm.  Woohoo, right?  Why doesn't my left side do anything???  It has never produced a follicle greater than 12mm.  It's just strange and pathetic.  :)  

I was all excited thinking I could take the trigger tonight, but they told me that my lining isn't think enough yet, sooo no trigger. (It's only at 5-something)  I have to go back again at 6:30 (boo!!) for another round of blood and u/s.  

And that is that.  :)

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Morrisa said...

Sounds like you are coming along nicely! It won't be long until trigger time!