Wednesday, May 28

Waiting.... I'm so good at it :)

This AM I had my appt at 6:30 for u/s and blood. I got my fave u/s tech so that was good. She entertains me... which I know sounds weird, but it's true. My right follicle was at 22mm. Woohoo. My lining was at 7.8mm, so just shy of 8, but good enough.

Blood was okay... 2 pokes today. Oh well. I'm getting used to it I s'pose.

I have to go back tomorrow AM for just blood. Guess my levels aren't up to par. Estradiol was 480ish and my LH was 8.something. I think. I can't remember! What are the levels supposed to be at? I sure as heck don't know!

On another note, I taught a lesson today about writing poetry in Writer's Workshop. My kids were AMAZING!! I was so excited. Some of them had a little more difficulty than others, but I got a good poem out of each one of them! And they were so creative! YAY!

Friday we're going to the zoo on a field trip and Wednesday we are going to Boston to walk the path of the Ducklings in Make Way for Ducklings. I'm very excited! :) Only 16 days left of school. Time flies!

That's all for now... stay tuned!

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