Thursday, May 8

Few more days...

Another couple days have come and gone.  

Today was one of those bad days at work... some days I have it and some days I just don't.  This morning, early... like calendar time... I realized that I just didn't have it.  No patience at all.  Which is NOT a good thing when you teach 5 year olds and when you have no specials and when you have 3 of the most difficult children ever.    So... I made it through the day, but it was one of the days where I felt like I didn't do anything but yell.  I hate those days.  I just feel so stressed and tired and hating myself... I promised myself I would read my discipline books tonight to try to come up with some tricks tomorrow.  

I find myself constantly saying "We've done this for 150 days now.  You should know what we're doing!"... but really, I know that they don't have a concept of what that really means.  Ah well... tomorrow is another day and I'm sure it will go better.  I hope.  :)

Last week my aide was out all week.  The children were FANTASTIC.  AMAZING.  I didn't have a single problem.  They were quiet, on task, etc. all week long.  It was at the point where I didn't know why I had actually invited parents in to help--- I didn't feel like I needed them.  I wonder why they're so different this week.  

Today we got $50 to The Learning Tree!  I'm so excited!

Oh... and while doing calendar this AM I realized how freakin' close I am to my test.  Woohoo!!  I'm dying to start feeling different-- it was about 3 or 4 days before my test last time that I noticed that I felt "weird"... so this weekend I'll be crossing my fingers!!  :)  

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