Tuesday, June 30

Another pretty good day...

So... let's see.  

1. I do not have gestational diabetes.  Thank god.  I really did not need that on my plate right now.

2.  The blood pressure meds kept me contraction free this AM.  Absolutely quiet.  However, this AM it also lowered my blood pressure to 70/30 and made me almost pass out.  There has been a lot of debate over whether or not I really need it... but they're sticking with giving it to me.  My blood pressure was at 80/40 for the afternoon.  My mom-- who is a nurse-- said "When we see blood pressure like that they're usually going into shock or bleeding out profusely."  Hmmm..

3. I took dose 1 of steroids today.  They're giving in the butt like PIO, but holy cow, do they hurt.  They burn and sting for awhile after injection.  I get my second dose tomorrow and then they'll be considered full strength on Thursday.

That's all I have for now!


ashley said...

Your blood pressure being that low is just ridiculous. Do they think that's normal??? At least you don't have the gestational diabetes, thank goodness. Sorry the steroid shots hurt so bad. I can't imagine what they'll feel like full strenght!

Shinejil said...

SO glad you don't have GD! The last thing you need is to be on some restricted diet and insulin or something... bleh.

The b/p stuff is crazy. I'm impressed you can blog in that state!

I think of you and your babies often--and wish you a less eventful next couple of weeks and a blissful meeting when they're ready.

Ashley said...

Thinking of you;) Glad you don't have GD. I hope they get the blood pressure undercontrol!! ((HUGS))

Infertility is Hard said...

Every day when I read your blog and hear your babies are still in your tummy, it makes me so happy. :-D Every day is huge for those babies of yours. Thinking and praying for you.