Friday, June 5

... Hm... Update? And a few pictures

I remember reading journals about a year ago... at that time 90% of the people who I was reading were pregnant or just becoming pregnant (I had a much smaller list back then!). I remember being a little disappointed when they became pregnant... not because they were pregnant, but because they STOPPED updating! The 3 times a day poster would become a mayyyybe once a week poster. Then what would I do to keep myself entertained? Nothing!

My point? Once again, I have succumbed to what I said I would never succumb to. I have become the bag poster. The one who doesn't know what to write because everything is going fabulously and daily postings of "I love my life" or "My back hurts" just doesn't seem to warrant attention or care anymore. So, there you go. I'm a bad poster, but I guess it's the "no news is good news" concept.

Today was the Pond Walk at school-- a 2 mile walk around the pond across the street. It was beautiful, warm, sunny... my kids, aide, and a few parents walked with my class. Me? I stayed behind and got SO much done! I've been frantically trying to get everything ready for September to December of next year. Things are falling into place. I'm almost all ready for September! Stay home or back to school, I'll be ready. :)

Johnny's planning a cross-country trek with his brother next week. His brother just commissioned to the Air Force after graduating from UML ROTC. So... his orders say he has to be in California at the base by the 19th. So, Johnny and Danny are packing up the car Thursday and driving through 14 (15?) states and then Johnny is flying back on Thursday of the following week. That week is also my final week of school! We only have 11 days left. :) I love, LOVE, LOVE my job, but I cannot wait for the break. :)

Well, I'm sorry. I know I promised that I wouldn't write about something pointless, but I guess I failed. : )

Have a fabulous weekend!!


Still no stretch marks! Lots of blue veins though! :)

And just a comparison...




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Ashley said...

You can never go wrong with belly pics;) You look beautiful!! So glad it's almost SUMMER break for you. Mine has been so relaxing so far;)

ashley said...

Wow, now that's a belly! Lovin' it. ;)