Monday, June 29

24 weeks 2 days

How far along? 24 weeks 2 days

Total weight gain/loss: I would guess around 25, but I haven't been weighed in awhile.

Maternity clothes? Well, now it's more oversized tshirts and pajamas.  I have no need for regular clothing anymore.

Stretch marks? They're heeeereeee.  Just on the underside.  And you know what?  They make me happy.  More proof that these babies are growwwwing like they should.  I'm all for them now... nothing else matters.

Sleep: Well, I lay down all day long... but I still manage only about 7 hours of sleep.  :)

Best moment this week: I love the baby kicks.  I love every time a monitoring session or ultrasound yields nothing but "they look great".  I will take it.

Movement: Yes.  It's amazing when we're being monitored how much they move.  Every time they move, a little back dot appears on the print out.  It's usually more of a long black line because they move so much.  :)

Food cravings: Hmmm... pickles would be nice.

Gender: 2 boys

Labor Signs: Apparently I had "minor irritability" aka a minor contraction this AM during my monitoring appointment, but I didn't feel it and I was reassured by the nurse and the doctor that it's totally normal.

Belly Button in or out? In-between-ie

What I miss: Walking around... being able to plan all the fun stuff... baby shower, their nursery, etc.  But I KNOW it's worth it.  I'd rather miss out on that stuff for a few months than to miss out on these babies.

What I am looking forward to: A few more relaxing and uneventful weeks.

Weekly Wisdom: Take it EASY!  You may feel like you can do everything you used to do while pregnant, but you really can't.  I learned the hard way that you really do need to take it easy and stay off your feet.  It's best for you and it's best for the baby.

Milestones: Entering the hospital.  I have NEVER been in the hospital for ANYTHING... not an ER visit, not an overnight... nothing.  Now here I am and you know what?  I'm surviving!  :)  


Yesterday was my birthday and it wasn't too bad.  :)  My parents and brothers came to visit.  As did my brother-in-law's girlfriend.  The babies were soooo uncooperative with monitoring!  It was crazy!  But they were awesome today... both A and B stayed on the monitor for a decent amount of time and showed the peaks and valleys they wanted.  Good work boys!

So, yes, the babies are still looking A-okay.  We had an ultrasound yesterday and they're just so wiggly!   I can't wait to meet the little guys--- when their bodies are ready of course!  The past few years have just been so surreal... it's crazy and a little overwhelming when you find yourself getting your dream!  :)

That's all I have for now!


Ashley said...

Happy Birthday!! Glad to see you are still doing well!! Grow babies grow;)

Infertility is Hard said...

Happy belated birthday!

I hope you have another few weeks in you, before you see these babies. I'm sure every day that the babies remain in you, is another day for them to grow and develop.

Thinking of you.

ashley said...

Happy Birthday! Sorry you had to spend it in the hospital though. I can't believe you've never had to stay in the hospital before, that's a really good thing though. I love hopsital frozen yogurt, if yours has any, I would recommend eating it. I've been to several different hopsital and the frozen yogurt's always deelish. I'm glad the boys are doing well! Just a few more weeks, at least!