Wednesday, July 1


Maybe someone can answer this ridiculous question for me... I feel silly even asking.  What does a contraction feel like?  I know it's a tightening, but is it higher in the belly or lower in the belly?  Every morning, noon, and night I'm asked over and over if I've had any contractions and I always say "Not that I know of!".  Now I don't think I have had any I can feel... but I have had some odd twinges... but things that remind me more of digestion or pain caused by back pain.  Again... I'm just afraid of missing something!  :)

Steroids are done, blood pressure meds suck, but the three of us are still here, so I can't complain.


Devon said...

praying for you..i know how scary a hospital stay can be. you made it past 24 weeks which is HUGE.

a contraction...hmm...its a tightening. can be high or low. usually starts on the outside and moves in. feels almost like a ball is being rolled up in your stomach. can feel very similar to babies moving.

i think once you have a really strong one, you'll know what they feel like.

hang in there...

Jenn said...

For me, contractions felt like period cramps that would last longer than normal and rythmically come and go.

I too never really noticed the braxton hicks contractions, but once the painful ones begin, you'll know.

I think the answer you're giving them tells them more than you know. The fact that they aren't painful means that they aren't seriously strong, so that's always a good thing!!!

Morrisa V said...

I had contractions throughout my whole 3rd trimester. Those were just a tightening of my belly. When I went into labor the tightening was still there only my back began to hurt and I felt some pressure. It does feel similar to the baby moving only all over. Hope that makes sense.

May said...

The only way I could consistently monitor my contractions (which I was having without realizing it) was to lay quietly with my hand pressed firmly against my stomach and feel for my uterus to go from soft and flabby to firm. I'd then note the time on any scrap of paper handy and keep track of the number in an hour. I'm still finding these lists of times in odd places (book margins, etc) years later!

Anonymous said...

It can be anywhere in your stomach. I mistook them for the babies rolling up in a ball. It also seems like your stomach can "pop out" for a minute or two in just one place. Again I thought it was the babies sticking their butt out or pushing their head out a bit, in actuality, they were all contractions. Also, be aware that not all contrax show up on the monitors. It depends on where they put the belt, too high or too low won't pick up some contrax. Let them know if you are feeling something but the monitor isn't reading it. good luck!