Tuesday, June 9

Guest Post From Daddy

We have another blog that we use to update friends and family about the babies--- basically it's for those people that we didn't share the difficulties/miscarriage/IVF with. Anyways, Johnny updates on there... and here is the post he made the day that he felt the babies kick. :)

Well everyone I've been lazy and have not been making as many posts as Mommy has, but I couldn't wait any longer. I felt one of the twins kick tonight for the first time!!!! It was CRAAAAAZY!!! The whole experience of having a baby is cool enough, not to mention it being twins, but there are just some moments in your life that are so earth shattering they burn a permanent mark in your brain and you will never EVER forget them. I'll never forget sitting in the doctor's office looking at the ultrasound screen and seeing not only one, but TWO little tiny babies staring back at us. Then to have them flip a little switch and hear clear as day, 2 little baby heart beats, INCREDIBLE...I will never forget that day. But then there was tonight, and man oh man was it crazy. Stace has been talking about feeling the babies move around and roll around and even a few little kicks here and there. Tonight we were sitting in front of the couch watching A Few Good Men when Stace was like give me your hand. She put my hand on a certain spot of her stomach and after staring at her for about 20 seconds I felt something from the inside touch my hand. I immediately pulled away and was just like WHOA!!! Going by the ultrasounds we pretty much know what position the babies have been facing in there and if my calculations are correct that bump I felt was a high five. As Tom Cruise and Jack Nicholson went back and forth about a Code Red all I could think was I CAN handle the truth, and it's AWESOME!! Like I said the whole "having a baby" experience is amazing, but there are those specific and certain experiences you go through that just far surpass anything else you have EVER felt in your life and feeling one of my little twin boys reach out and touch my hand tonight... ABSOLUTELY AMAZING!!!! I'm sure any parents out there reading this are thinking oh jeeze Johnny's got no idea how much more amazing this is going to get, and all I can say is bring it on I can't wait. Tonight was by far one of the best moments in my life and if it only gets more amazing and more life changing then I couldn't be more excited!!!!!

P.S. Don't tell Stacey I said this, but I think the kick/touch I felt tonight might have been one of the twins trying to stretch out his pitching arm. If anyone wants to call Theo and let him know there are 2 highly touted prospects that will be on the scene very soon that would be great.


ashley said...

That is the sweetest post ever. I haven't been much of a crier this pregnancy but that one almost brought me to tears. I'm so happy for you both. You have yourself one heck of a husband there.

Jenn said...

Thanks for sharing the Daddy Love!!

Any chance you're other blog is public too, so we can take a peek?

Ashley said...

Love this post....SOOOOOO sweet!!

Missy said...

What a sweet post! He's going to make a great father. :)