Monday, June 8

21w2d... how did that happen?

How far along? 21 weeks 2 days

Total weight gain/loss: I'm going to round up to a good even 20. I think it's a little less, but it fluctuates so much that it's not even worth trying to be accurate!

Maternity clothes? Always

Stretch marks? Still none. Which freaks me out a little... do certain people just not get stretch marks?

Sleep: The past two nights have been the best sleep in forever and I don't know why.

Best moment this week: Last night when Johnny felt one of the babies kick for the first time! The look on his face was priceless!!

Movement: Yes! Yes! Yes! :) LOVE it. I was up til midnight last night just keeping my hand on my stomach feeling the babies play!

Food cravings: Mashed potatoes!

Gender: 2 boys

Labor Signs: Nope

Belly Button in or out? It's not fully out, but it's out enough that you can see it through my clothes.

What I miss: Nothing!

What I am looking forward to: More kicks! More kicks! :) And of course when these guys arrive!

Weekly Wisdom: I've got nothing!

Milestones: Johnny feeling that baby kick! :) Ahhh, bliss.


Infertility is Hard said...

Congrats on your hubby feeling baby kicks! What a wonderful feeling. :-D And yay for no stretchmarks. :-D

Shinejil said...

The dance inside is the best!

I'm also with you on the mashed potatoes.