Monday, May 30

The one where I complain that I just want to go home...

The girls are doing great.

Me? Not so much.

Starting the day after I delivered I started getting really bad chills. My nurse at the time called them "postpartum shakes" and tried to get me to use labor breathing to calm my body down. But the chills (or "shakes") kept coming back. Eventually I was running a low-grade temp. It was initially attributed to my milk coming in. But the low-grade temp spiked on Saturday night and I was immediately put on a course of antibiotics to control a potential infection and had my blood taken for tests. Nothing specific came back from any of the tests.

I took the antibiotics (through a brand-new IV- ick) all day on Sunday. The low-grade temp persisted, but I didn't spike again until Sunday night, when I spiked to 102.4. Also on Sunday I realized that when I was walking I had a lot of pain on my right side. Sitting down I feel the pain more on the side or in my back, but it's still there. So I mentioned that to my nurse on Sunday which lead to a bunch of blood cultures as well as a CAT scan of my abdomen to see what was up.

This AM I was told that the CAT scan revealed that I have a hematoma on my liver (???) but apparently that's totally unrelated and at this point sort of a nonissue. However, it was also discovered that I have a clot in the vein that leads to my right ovary which is probably causing the pain that I am feeling. The clot could be new or it could be something I've had for awhile. Either way, it has to be pretty large in order to be picked up on the CAT scan. I've had pain on my right side every since the IVF retrieval when they only took eggs from my left and left my right on its own. It could potentially be from way back then. Annnyways. As a result I've been started on a 6-week regime of twice daily Lovenox injections. I am NOT happy about that one. I'm here until the antibiotics are done. Apparently they're done 24 hours + 1 dose from my last fever spike. SO I'm desperately hoping that I do not spike again and I can go home tomorrow.

I'll update later on the girls... suffice to say they are AWESOME. I cannot wait to have them home!


Jen: Proud Mom of 7 Adopted Miracle Blessings said...

I'm so sorry, Sweetie!!! Hope you feel better soon!!!

Leah said...

I"m so sorry you're having some medical issues. I hope you feel much better soon, and get out of that hospital! :)

I'm also so happy your beautiful girls are doing well! And they are beautiful! I'm just so happy for you and your family, and that you were pregnant as long as you were, and I can't wait for those babies to be home with you! :)