Wednesday, May 18

Word of the Day

The word of the day at Dr. K's?



Dr. K is still amazed that we have gotten so far. 33 weeks 2 days. That's 6 weeks 1 day LONGER than the boys stayed inside! Think about what you could do in 6 weeks. Incredible.

He hasn't scheduled my C-section simply because he still thinking it will be less than 4-5 weeks so scheduling will be kind of silly. I'm okay with that... but SO THRILLED to be where we are. Still waiting for labor, ruptured water, or blood.

Contractions are still here and there, uncomfy and sometimes achey, but nothing timeable for more than a few (like every 8 minutes for only 4 contractions last night, then they went away).

I just can't get over that we are here. ATU tomorrow for ultrasound, growth check, and NST. Then back to Dr. K next week again. :)


Carol said...


Jen: Proud Mom of 7 Adopted Miracle Blessings said...


Did you discuss a 2nd round of steroids? I only ask because I know the steroids are the reason Sarah and Anna were able to come home with me after being born at 36 weeks... just a thought...

Let us know how tomorrow goes, please!!!

Devon said...

seriously are gonna have you some chunky babies!