Friday, May 6

Thank You!!!

You guys are absolutely amazing!!

Now my biggest challenge is going to be to decide on which brand/type to go with!

I think I will stay away from the All in Ones. Maybe I'll get a few just to make it easier for Johnny when he's in charge, but I like the idea of reusing the covers.

I like the idea of pockets simply because then I don't have to fold... but I figure that I'll get used to folding. :) How do you get the folded diaper to stay put? I've seen these "T" shaped things that hold the prefold together before the cover goes on, but are they necessary? (yes, I know it would help if I knew the real name! I saw them on "What the Blog"s post about diapering triplets)

And I didn't know about the liner idea, but that's pretty tempting for when Johnny will be in charge. His biggest reservation is having to shake off the mess-- he doesn't do well with diapers even now! So I'm thinking those might be helpful for him!

Now to cost-compare and figure which kind to go with! :)

Again-- you guys are amazing!!!


Mindy said...

If you do prefolds, you can just fold it in thirds and lay it right inside the diaper. However with breastfed poo which is runny, it's best to actually put the prefold on the baby. Those t-things are called "Snappis" and are super easy to use and cheap (they're like plastic ace-bandage connector thingys). Also if you do want some All-in-ones, check out the swaddlebess simplex diapers...the insides are sewn on one edge so they come out in the wash (but are still attached on one side to the diaper), and will dry quicker. Plus they have really cute patterns too! People really like them because they are trim so the 'fluffy butt' (as we call it in the cloth diaper world) isn't as large. Here's the website where you can check these out: . They also sell them on if you want to get rewards points

Susan said...

Those T shaped things are great!! Again Stacy's sister, Amy used them before she bought the coolababy diapers with the snaps. You do realize that these coolababy diapers and covers go from newborn to toddler without having to buy new ones ever again, right? You do reuse the covers on these and you can put several inserts in them for the overnights ( when they sleep through the night that is! ).

sunflowerchilde said...

Oh yeah, I wanted to say one thing about those diaper liners - I found them to be really expensive, and not worth it (I figured at that point, might as well buy disposables). I never used them. However, if you just needed them part time like for your husband, maybe it would be worth it. Especially if you can get them for a good price.

Mindy said...

The liners can be expensive, however many brands make them durable enough that you can throw them in the wash multiple times and re-use them if they only peed on them. I would read reviews to see what people say about each brand and the ability to do that. Just another 2-cents ;-)