Saturday, May 14

A few more CD questions

Quick diaper question... I'm going to pretend that I know the answer and I'm just "checking" the facts. :)

If you get a "pocket" diaper with the inserts and all, do you have to wash the cover every time? I thought you didn't have to ... but now looking into more of the pocket diapers I'm thinking that you do have to.

I'm still not sure about pockets vs. prefolds simply for the fact that prefold folding seems a little daunting and ... not so "idiot proof" (I'm the idiot obviously!). I thought pockets sounded good and I could just toss the insert to be cleaned and keep using the same cover while being a little easier (but without issues of all in ones.... mildew?).

BUT I also like the interchangeability of prefolds and covers. It seems that if you go for pockets you have to use "their system" (whichever that might be) whereas you can mix and match a little more if you use prefolds and covers. (Which really, cuteness is totally a draw... especially if there is at least one girl swimming around in me!)

So I'm thinking... I will need...

- prefolds (maybe 50-60?)
- doublers or boosters or extra wetter things or whatever they're called (# ... ???)
- covers, hopefully ones size fits all so it seems more like a long-term investment (maybe 12-20?)
- snappis things (those t things...)
- wet bag (maybe 2?)
- special detergent (?? totally clueless on this)
- maybe liners?
- origami training


- the pocket cover things (like 50-60 if you have to wash them every time??)
- pocket inserts (50-60?)
- liners
- wet bag
..... as I'm typing this I figure I MUST have it wrong because it is sounding a little crazy


- 50-60 All in ones
- extra soaker, booster, wet things
- wet bags

Would you believe that I'm STILL this clueless?? I have been googling like a crazy lady! It doesn't help that I'm terribly indecisive and I can't just hop to Babies R Us to look at some of the options just to see what the heck is going on!

And bumGenius... are the regular ones AIO, but they 4.o's pockets? There's so much lingo bouncing around on so many blogs and sites I can't keep things straight...


sunflowerchilde said...

I'm just going to say a couple things, but I only did CDs for a little while and there are many other more knowledgeable.

Yes, you have to wash the cover of a pocket diaper every time!

You do NOT have to wash the cover of a prefold every time.

After using prefolds for one day, you will have it down. It is not that hard to fold them, even if you have one boy and one girl. I could NOT remember before having the babies which fold was for which baby, but I seriously did not forget after doing it just a couple times. My husband is another story, though ...

I think I own about 12 or 14 pocket diapers, which I used regularly during the day, and washed every 1-2 days. I changed the diapers every 2-3 hours, which meant 4-6 diapers per day per baby, which meant washing almost every day. If they had ever had diarrhea or something during my CD period, I would have been in trouble, but for normal gastro-intestinal times, that was enough.

I always used disposables overnight, partly because my pediatrician recommends using diaper rash cream at every diaper change. I did not want to use the cream with CDs because of the residue, so I slathered on the cream before bed and used a disposable.

I've mentioned this before, but if I could do it all over again, I would buy all-in-ones, because I never used more than one insert in the pocket diapers. If you think you'd occasionally use more than one insert, you could just buy a few pocket diapers. These usually come with one insert, and can also be stuffed with other things, including prefolds.

I just found it to be a pain to have to re-stuff each diaper after washing it - it added an extra step that when you have twins, you don't need.

I have two wet bags - I washed them every time, so I always needed one when the other was in the wash.

I use Country Home detergent, which I now use for all our laundry. It's just easier that way, and I found it easily.

Hope that helps!

Emily said...

Have you check out all-in-twos? This is a system where the insert just lays inside the shell(cover) and when it gets dirty you just pull the insert out and put in a new one. You only need to wash the cover when it gets poop on it. It's like prefolds in that you do need a cover and can reuse the cover several times before washing, but you don't have to fold the insert like you do a prefold. Some brands to check out would be Grovia, Flip or Best Bottoms.

LaRae said...

I use gDiapers. I use cloth inserts I made. 6-8 gDiapers are enough. Because you don't have to wash the cover every time. U do want extra liners and still a lot of inserts. You can see how I made my inserts on my blog.

Mindy said...

I agree with Emily...seriously check out the Flips, Gro vias, or Best sounds like it would be a great fit for what you're looking for and economically priced well. With those you do not need to wash the cover unless it gets poopy on it (which can even be wiped off if it's just a little bit). I'm not gonna lie, pockets are a PAIN to stuff, especially if you're going to have double the amount. I highly advocate for you to check out the above. Here's a link to a "day pack" of Flips which should be enough for a day once they get out of the runny breastfed poo stage:

You can also buy extra inserts to go along with those.

That being said, those will not fit newborn stage, but will fit from 10 lbs-potty training. Newborn prefolds and XS thirsties covers would be the way I would suggest for you, you just change out the prefold and continue to use the covers if there's no poop on them.

As for detergent: Rockn' Green, Country Save, Tiny bubbles, and Tide ORIGINAL POWDER are widely used and recommended