Wednesday, May 11

Ramblings and 32 weeks!

Let's see... things have been moving along quite uneventfully. :)

I haven't been feeling too great lately... just exhausted (no, really!?), a little dizzy, just "off". Walking is excruciating. I'm thinking it just so painful because I spend so much time OFF my feet, so any time I have to be on them is awful. I've only gained around 30 or so (maybe a few more) pounds, so I don't think it's an excessive weight thing... many people with only 1 baby gain much more!

I'm having lots of Braxton Hicks that are downright uncomfortable. Not painful, not crampy, just not comfy. They make me feel dizzy and hot and I'm not crazy about them. I try to keep count, but I haven't had more than 6 in any hour, and usually fewer, so I'm just getting through it. I'm still on the lookout for blood, painful & regular contractions, lower back pain and broken water. Until then I'm taking it day by day and loving that I know that these babies are still doing great. :)

Yesterday we had another high risk appointment at the ATU-- 32 weeks 1 day. Both babies were wiggling and practicing breathing and had heart rates of 137bpm. We still don't know what they are-- though Johnny enjoys trying to figure it out at every ultrasound appointment. :) We also had an NST and the babies looked great for the 30ish minutes.... though the nurse was a little annoyed when she couldn't get them on the monitor easily. I miss the nurses on the antepartum floor!! :) She had the toco set directly on my bellybutton so I don't think it was picking up anything at first because my bellybutton wouldn't tighten for contractions. So about 15 minutes in I realized and I moved the toco and it picked up a few minor contractions, but again, nothing painful and nothing unexpected. Back in another week.

Other than that... things have been pretty uneventful like I said. I'm thinking we should order cribs soon. I've put off doing most anything simply because I've been overly cautious about getting too excited. Now I'm pretty sure that we'll make it long enough to limit a NICU stay and that I will be taking home TWO healthy babies in just a few WEEKS.

At most it will be 6 weeks- June 20th- that the babes will arrive as my doctor won't let me go past 38 weeks. Likely though, it won't be that long. (I mean, really, how long can membranes stay intact when they're hanging out against a stitch??)

Either way, I AM so excited to meet these two. Boys? Girls? One of each???? Weights? And we'll actually have a CAMERA this time! :) It's so nice to be on this side of things and to know what a happy pregnancy can be like! :)


Jen: Proud Mom of 7 Adopted Miracle Blessings said...

I'm so happy for you- thanks for the updates- please keep them coming- even if it is just- still at home...

You know I say twin GIRLS!!! Especially if Johnny hasn't figured it out- I'm going with GIRLS!!!

So thrilled for the uneventful!!!

svallely said...

I am thrilled beyond belief that you are getting a happy pregnancy this time. I know it's hasn't been perfect... but things are so much better and now you know. It gives all us preemie mom's hope for the next time! :)