Sunday, May 1

I LOVE Being Home!

Being home? = PHENOMENAL!

I hate having to be waited on. The pull out couch I spend most of my day on is super uncomfy. I can't pick up the bug.

BUT... I'm with the Bug all day and all night.

He seemed to do fine while I was gone-- mighty adaptable that one. He got into a routine and survived.

But now that I'm home he does not want to be away from me. (Which I do not mind!) I get unlimited unprompted "Mama!" hugs. He kisses like crazy. He kisses and hugs the babies (my belly, which is is happy to show off in all it's stretch-marked glory to anyone who wants to look) like there is no tomorrow. He is just happy to have his Mama home! (Though somewhere along the way he learned that my name is Stacey and has used it on several occasions!)

He seems so much older than 3 weeks ago. He's constantly running and jumping and laughing and tickling and generally cracking me up. I was keeping track of all his words for awhile-- I was up to about 160 or so, but I can't even keep track anymore. He repeats ANYTHING (as an example, there was a hilarious incident of him saying 'Dammit!' over and over in the car the day I got evicted because I kept laughing so he wanted to say it more and more. Thank you Daddy!) and strings together words that we didn't even know he had heard before. Today he cut his foot on a puzzle. Later on he took my cell phone and opened it and saw a "Baby!" (an old picture of him) and showed the baby his foot and said "Baby, I got Booboo!". The only thing he won't say is 'Colby'! He knows everyone else and will say anything (Daddy had him repeat 'phosphorous' today and he said 'forus') but he won't even try Colby! (He knows 'Connor' too!)

I just can't get over him. Sometimes I think he's too smart for his own good, but I wouldn't trade it for anything.

Being his mom gets better and better every day. And it's so much more amazing than I would have ever guessed!!

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Jen: Proud Mom of 7 Adopted Miracle Blessings said...

Thanks for the update... I've been checking!!! I hope you have lots of photos of your belly... it will be gone soon- can you believe it??? You know I still miss mine!!!

Sending hugs!!!