Wednesday, June 1

The Girls

The girls are doing great in the NICU. It's SO nice to not have a lot to worry about with them...
Pictures will come when I'm back home- the upload is slow here.

  • Open air crib
  • Full feeds by mouth
  • Regulating own temp
  • Gaining weight (4lbs 7.6oz tonight)
  • Fiesty if not attended to quickly
  • Few spells and o2 drifts

  • Open air crib
  • Regulating own temp
  • Most feeds by mouth
  • Feeding tube used occasionally
  • Gaining weight a little more slowly (4lbs 7.6oz tonight)
  • Lots of big spits
  • Few spells
  • Supppper nosy

Big Brother, Colby
  • In LOVE
  • Super sweet
  • Adjusting well
  • Missing Mama (Mama's missing the Bug a TON!)


Jen: Proud Mom of 7 Adopted Miracle Blessings said...

How about Momma??? Hope you are heading home soon!!!


Anonymous said...

I so glad they're doing so wonderfully! Hopefully you'll all be home together soon! Can't wait to see new pics! :)