Thursday, May 26

NICU Day 2

I am so in awe and in love with my little girls, my heart is overflowing!

I never in a million years expected 2 girls so now I'm clueless! They both doing wonderfully- no oxygen or breathing support of any kind. They both took FULL bottles today. They never even had feeding tubes in. Instead they got their fluids/fats through an IV initially and now it seems like they have gotten the hang of it!

I'm trying to pump and feed and stuff, but I'm in excruciating pain this time from the section. I really can't remember much about last time but I really don't think I was in this much pain. I'm trying to stay on top of the pain meds, but they don't really seem to be denting the pain. Oh well. :)

I've been pumping- so far 8 times today and 2 times yesterday. For my first 3 pump sessions I got 5ml, 2ml, and the .6ml. Since then? Nada. I'm not trying to get discouraged because I know my milk hasn't come in yet, but shouldn't I still be getting some colostrum each time I pump for 15-25 minutes? I'm trying to stay really well hydrated and I pump most every 2 hours on the dot. I try looking at picture of the girls, I try massage prior... I'm just at a loss. My milk really started coming in on the 5th day after the boys birth so I guess I won't really panic until we get there. :) But still, I'd like some reassurance from the milk Gods!

I did try nursing Sydney and Zoe this afternoon around 1. Zoe couldn't have cared less. She just wanted to sleep. Sydney did really well and had a good latch, but she was tired too. She did well for about 2 minutes then she kept drifting off. In between cat naps she would wake up now and again for another couple of sucks. Then back to sleep. :)

I could be upstairs now working on feeding and diapering and nursing and all that, but I'm just in so much pain and I don't have anyone to wheel me up there. (Though yes, I could ask a nurse!) I don't want them to get the wrong idea that I don't care. I'll try to make most of their feedings tomorrow. :)

The highlight of the day? Well, tied with having two healthy baby girls?

We brought Colby up to the NICU to meet "his" babies. I think he's in love too. :)

with Sydney

peeking at Zoe


Alyssa said...

So adorable! Congrats :)

Bridget said...

The pics with Colby are precious!

Jamie said...

Bo is 22 months older than my twin girls and they have such a fun relationship. Colby looks like he will be a great big brother!

Ashley said...

Those pics are ADORABLE!!! I'm so glad the girls are doing well! I hope you start feeling better soon;) So happy for you honey.

Krisy said...

They are just to precious! Colby's hair is really getting long, i dont think i've seen a picture of him in a while, he looks like such a big boy!

Anonymous said...

Oh, Stacey, congratulations! They're so beautiful! I'm so happy for you all! They're doing so great, they'll be out of NICU in no time!