Sunday, May 15

I might have made a decision....

Here's what I *think* is my decision. :)

I'm thinking of ordering a few of the Hybrid (All in 2?) diapers. (The name totally threw me off to begin with!) I'm thinking those will be what I want to use. I like the GroVia because the inserts snap in. I guess they do with a few others too, though. I do like the look of the gDiapers, but I like the idea of snaps vs. velcro. I looked at a few other kinds... but once you get down to snap covers and snap in inserts, they seem pretty similar and... really... I liked the patterns on the GroVia better. :)

Then I think I'll also order a few shells that can be used with prefolds. I'm thinking I won't use the cloth diapers until the kiddos are a little bit bigger, but maybe I can try one or two on Colby to get the hang of it?

I like the idea of One-Size for the shells/inserts/prefolds... maybe I'm just lazy? I'm thinking the inserts vs. prefolds will be less daunting for Johnny. I also like the idea of having the choice of biorefills for the Hybrids for doctors appts and long car trips. We'll see... I'm excited to get this started, though!

I'm also thinking of getting a sprayer (maybe?)... I can't decide if it's worth it or not. Then I want to get a spray bottle of smell neutralizer or something (I can't remember what it's called) Then detergent and the wet bags.

I'm thinking I'll get 2 of the wet bags so I can have one up and one down-- plus with 2 babies I'm thinking we might need the space in 2? Is there a big difference between wet bags that have draw strings and ones that zip?

I'm thinking that might be it? I'm going to try and bite the bullet and order on Monday so I can have a few things in my hand before long. I have a feeling that everything will just become so much clearer when I'm holding the diaper in my hand. :)


lklomicka said...

Hi there, just found your blog today. Many of my friends and I cloth diaper and we love the GroVia. It is a good choice for all in 2. I also have some prefolds and a few SoftBums, but I wish i had gone purely with the GroVia. They are the most practical, easy to use, easy to wash diaper. I hope this helps a little. Good luck!

Mindy said...

Definitely sounds like you're getting the hang of it! :-) For wet bags that you take out-and-about with you, I would do zipper as I can see less mess and better containment of smells. I honestly think just dunk and swish those inserts would be easy compared to like a pocket diaper where you have to wash the whole dang thing (then you would probably want a sprayer). Keep us updated on your CD journeys, I always love helping mommas out who are interested in cloth diapering!

Susan said...

You are probably still going to want to use disposables in the beginning anyway. You will be recovering from childbirth and will have 3 babies in diapers. Keeping up with their clothes laundry, your laundry, getting meals and finding time to eat, shower and pee will be enough at first so there is probably not a huge rush to order those cloth diapers right away.

Mindy said...

I just was looking at the forum and there are a TON of people selling the newborn green mountain diaper (GMD) prefolds for decent prices! The newborn sizes aren't used for very long so most are in great shape! I am sure there are others selling any type of diaper imaginable as well. You should check it out ;-)