Tuesday, May 17

I finally ordered! (a few)

I ordered a few things! :)

I got a "sample" GroVia package that comes with the cover and a few soakers. I want to try it with Colby after they're all washed.

I also ordered a few prefolds (one big enough for Colby) and a Thirsties cover (Colby's size) .

I want to compare the All in 2's with the prefold&cover.

I also got a few other things... detergent, a rash stick thing, snappi for the prefold, a small wetbag, and an odor remover spray. Now I'm just excited to get them to see what I think. :)

One question about the GroVia, or really any 1 size diaper... do you find that they are ridiculously big for an itty bitty 10 lb-er?. I like the simplicity of having 1 size diapers for birth to potty training, but now I'm starting to worry that the sizes will be too different. Oh well!

Oh and my mom washed all the newborn boy clothes we have! :) They're so TINY!


Mindy said...

Hey, quick note to save you some time and washes :-)

You need to wash and dry the prefolds at least 6 times before they reach their absorbancy, but you can bypass this by boiling them in a pot of boiling water with a little squirt of Dawn dish soap for about 20 minutes. Then afterwards: rinse, wash in hot water with detergent, and dry in the dryer and they should be ready to go! Keep us updated, "fluff packages" are the best when they come in the mail!

Jen: Proud Mom of 7 Adopted Miracle Blessings said...

Please update us on your Dr. K visit!!!

By the way- you said you needed more reading material- so I thought my new blog would keep you busy-lol!!!